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Building a Hard Rock home

1. Choose your erf

Is the home you are about to build suitable for your erf? Check with the Hard Rock Homes sales consultant for some ideas on house designs in our portfolio that will suit your land.

2. Choose a design or customise our standard design

Hard Rock Homes has a wide variety of plans and plan variations to suit every need and taste.
Your sales consultant will assist you in choosing the design for your needs and budget.

3. Preliminary estimate

After the preliminary plans have been designed your sales consultant will prepare a preliminary estimate from Hard Rock Homes head office. Following your approval, an initial amount is paid to obtain a soil test and contour survey if needed. The soil test is completed to South African Standard by an independent certified engineer to ascertain if any special foundations are required. A contour survey is required to determine the extent of earthworks required, driveway gradients, house positioning, water run-off and location of underground pipes, etc. The initial amount is required to provide a tender letter including Fixed Price Site Costs. All monies paid for this work is deducted from the contract price.

4. Design and inclusion modifications

Now is the time for you to finalise any changes you require to your new home. Try to keep these changes to a minimum to avoid delays and frustration during this process. Your sales consultant will then order a written tender including fixed price site costs. Check that all requests have been included in this tender.
If at this stage there are any concerns please raise them with your sales consultant.

5. Contract order and plan draw

On finalisation and acceptance of the written tender, the next step is to order the contract and have the plans drawn. All monies paid for this work is deducted from the contract price. Hard Rock Homes will prepare the building contract.

6. Signing of contractual documents

This documentation will be forwarded to your sales consultant for you to sign. Your lending authority will require a copy of this to approve your loan application. The signed building contract is submitted to Hard Rock Homes head office.

7. Plans to council

While you await formal home loan approval, Hard Rock Homes will start to prepare a building application that must be lodged for approval. Once your home loan has been approved, we will pay the relevant fees and insurances and submit your plans for building approval.

8. Colour selection

While council is approving your plans it is time to select the colours of your new home. These include items like the colour of paint used on your walls, wall- and floor tiles, roof tiles and carpets.
A mutually convenient time and place will be arranged for colours to be selected and documented.

9. Start of construction

House construction will start when Hard Rock Homes head office has received the following documents:
  • Building approval from council.
  • A colour selection with all variations signed.
  • N.H.B.R.C. enrolment.

10. During construction

Hard Rock Homes encourages customer participation by providing you total access to your new home while under construction. In addition to this you will be provided with the builder’s mobile phone number to ensure a smooth and worry free construction. As added insurance Hard Rock Homes has a Customer Enquiries Department. If you feel that there is an issue or problem you cannot resolve with your builder, please feel free to contact Hard Rock Homes head office.

11. Taking possession of your new home

You will be invited to inspect your new home with your builder when all work is completed.
On settlement of all outstanding fees, you will be presented with your personal new home keys.

12. Quality control and service following construction

Hard Rock Homes will send you a Maintenance Request Form prior to your three month maintenance period expiring. If you require any repairs, you must complete this form and return it to Hard Rock Homes head office. On receipt of this form your builder will then contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time to address your concerns.

Phone: (021) 981 1939
Fax: (021) 981 8193
Email: info@hardrockconstruction.co.za